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Nothing says it better than our satisfied and proud parents’ own words!

With current intensive pre-school education atmosphere, Touch2Learn provides a haven to parents who seek alternatives to traditional schooling environment. Miss Vanessa gives my son, Brady, her utmost attention and helps develop his practical life and classroom skills. Under Montessori’s do- it-at-your-own-pace philosophy and mixed age group settings, Touch2Learn truly fosters Brady’s ability to learn, rather than be taught. After attending classes for 6 months, we have noticed Brady developed and mastered new skills much faster then in traditional class settings. We truly appreciate having a learning center such as Touch2Learn for our child! We can’t wait to send our newborn there when she is of age.

Brady's Mommy

Before I sent my boy to a learning centre, I would take a trip, talk to the staff or the teachers there and try to explore more of the centre. I was first impressed by the bright, hygienic, spacious and organized learning area in Touch2learn. In my first visit, I found that Teacher Vanessa is very experienced and she really knows and understands how kids behave and think. Jun is not a highly adaptable boy. But after a few classes, he got used to the routine and he enjoys learning at the Centre. He has become more confident and independent and self-motivated. Teacher Vanessa’s encouragement and patience have also helped him build up a sense of achievement which is very important to a young learner. Both my husband and I are delighted to see Jun’s improvements in different areas, including his gross & fine motor skills, orientation and co-ordination. We are surprised that he could do things beyond our expectations! Thank you, Teacher Vanessa and Touch2learn staff!

Jun's Mommy

Finding Touch2learn helped us to regain faith in Montessori teaching after our last school being closed down! Our little girl is now spending her weekly private tutoring with her best friend, seeing them growing and having a good laugh together it really is a pure joy for the parents! The weekly updates give us a full spectrum of what the kids are learning and most of the time the pictures surprised us what our little girl can actually handled. They are like a reminder to ourselves being parents also need to learn to let go, as long as you know they are in a safe and trusted environment! We have no idea what magic Ms Kay has put on the kids, but hearing them talk about her with the big smile on the face, we know we have made the right choices!!

Keira's Mommy

“Within 12 months Touch2Learn has transformed my 6-year-old son from not being interested in sitting down to learn even basic phonics to happily wanting to read and write many things. It is Touch2Learn that helps bring out the best in my child the way I wouldn’t have imagined.”

Joshua's Mommy

“I’m very glad to have sent my daughter , Kaitlyn, to Touch2Learn. After one lesson with Kait, the teacher not only assessed her academic ability, but also her personality, temperament and needs. Then she used a different way to motivate my child. What’s more, when I am at a loss for ways to handle her at home, teacher Vanessa gives practical suggestions that suit Kait’s personality!”

Kaitlin's Mommy

泓叡一歲半開始參加touch2learn學前班課程,每一堂課他都很開心,我也觀察到泓叡越來越獨立也更有自信心,現在19個月的他已經能獨立自主的上課,不需要家長的陪同也不會哭鬧,我們很高興看到泓叡在中心學習的語言、社交和適應能力有很大的進步。 我們喜歡Touch2learn不只是因為它提供一個舒適和大幅提升孩子學習興趣的環境,讓我的孩子在學習中得到很多利益,還有Vanessa老師和李老師非常細心和關注的教導更激勵了泓叡的學習。 再次謝謝老師們努力的教導、和泓叡玩,讓他倍感關愛。

Ethan's Mommy

Thx for the good job!

Jayden 參加 Montessori數學班,可以通過觸覺視覺幫助小孩理解數學的概念,增強理解力為將來學習打好基礎。他很享受在充滿陽光氣息的活動室,一邊快樂地學習和遊戲

Jayden's Mommy

Thx for the good job! After just a few lessons Marcus starts enjoying Maths now. He sometimes say “I like Maths!”, whenever he start doing his Maths homework. And he would always want to finish his Maths homework first. That’s a great start!

Marcus' Mommy


Vicky's Mommy

D had a great time at class today. He asked “why is only one hr!! I want it to be longer..”

Darren's Mommy

I am happy to tell you that your class provides Rafael with a very good learning environment and teaching staffs to be able to acquaint knowledge freely and independently. He has build up his confidence to learn and to perform freedom to be himself since he was 16 months old. I also recognize a big advancement of Rafael’s overall development and always feel from his face that he is very joyful to come to the class every time. Thank you much.

Rafael's Mommy

Antonia has been attending Touch2learn for a year and she truly enjoys her weekly class at Touch2learn. The programme is well structured and offers a stimulating and confidence promoting environment to the kids. I am pleased that the right skills and values are being taught by experienced tutors, such as motor skills and the principle of discipline.

Antonia's Mommy

Brian has been attending Touch2learn for almost a year. Ms Vanessa taught him phonics. I was very proud of Brian when he was reading out loud simple words. Ms Vanessa is a very dedicated and committed teacher, she is not only concerned about Brian’s academic skills but also other aspects of him. Thank you Ms Vanessa!

Brian's Mommy

I really appreciated the private lesson at Touch2learn. My daughter is 5 and is lacked behind in reading English even her mother tongue is English. She became more confident and motivated to read the books end-to-end on her own in just 1 month! I would like to thanks Miss Vanessa who is an extraordinary teacher and one of the most patient and enthusiastic people I’ve seen.

Linda's Mommy

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