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Montessori Maths

Maths Courses for Children Snapshot

Age Group: 3 to 7 Years Old (Depending on the Course Level)

Curriculum: Foundational Numeracy and the 4 Basic Operations

Class Duration: 1-1.5 Hrs (Depending on course)

Subjects: Single or Multi-Focus (to be chosen by the parents)

Inclusive Exercises: Work with sensorial materials to grasp the meaning of quantities of numbers 1-10 and 0, and the Decimal System up of units to thousands, and to understand and be able to calculate the 4 operations up to the 1000s.

Course Objective: Maths concepts are abstract. These courses serve to help children grasp mathematical concepts concretely via their personal physical interaction with and manipulation of the Maths materials. It also enables children to see how intricately their daily lives are related to Maths!