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The Montessori Method: Mathematics

A Snapshot of Our Maths Courses for Children

Age Group: 3 to 7 Years Old (Depending on the Course Level)

Curriculum: Foundational Numeracy and the 4 Basic Operations

Class Duration: 1-1.5 Hrs (Depending on Course)

Subjects: Single or Multi-Focus (to be chosen by the parents)

Inclusive Exercises: Work with sensorial materials to grasp the meaning of quantities of numbers 1-10 and 0, and the decimal system from units to thousands. We also teach children how to both understand and calculate the four operations up to the 1000s.

Course Objective: Maths concepts are abstract. Through the personal physical interaction with and manipulation of various materials, children learn how to best grasp mathematical concepts throughout the duration of our maths courses.

About Us

In addition to our renowned maths courses for children, we also teach distinguished English courses where we combine proven Montessori methods with traditional teaching techniques to assure your child the best of both learning worlds! (why is this previous phrase repeated from the section just above? Sounds strange and repetitive, and doesn’t even have a keyword in this, was there a purpose?)

Our dedicated and passionate staff work hard to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in order to enable confidence in your child when utilising various learning materials. By making children feel comfortable and at home, we also encourage them to take responsibility and to develop the very capabilities they need for dealing with problems later in life.

We believe unlocking these capabilities begins now! We teach children from a very young age how to adopt the right learning attitude, and through our unique teaching methods – we guarantee learning is made fun!

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