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The Montessori Method: English

A Snapshot of Our English Courses For Children

Age Group: 3 to 7 Years Old (Depending on the Course Level)

Curriculum: English Phonics and Grammar

Class Duration: 1-1.5 Hrs (Depending on course)

Courses: Phonics A-Z, Phonograms 1, Phonograms 2, Phonograms 3, Advanced English

Inclusive Exercises: Sound Games, Spelling with Movable Alphabets, Classified Cards, Interdisciplinary Reading and Vocabulary Enriching Exercises, Word Studies, Grammar Presentations.

Course Objective: To help children acquire language in the most interactive ways, whereby we employ as much real-life application as possible for children to understand that language is part of life and not merely a subject to be learnt. We also reiterate the importance of language being the core foundation for successful communication.

About Us

Whether it’s teaching an English course or a phonics class to your child, we pride ourselves on providing the utmost service. Our passionate staff are dedicated to providing your kid with only the best, as we work hard to maintain a relaxed atmosphere where our pupils can feel at home. From our learning facility to your home in Hong Kong, we enable confidence in your children to access learning materials and to take responsibility.

We teach children how to adopt the right learning attitude from a very young age. Through our fun and unique (the only Montessori English playgroup in Hong Kong on the island, we combine proven Montessori teaching with traditional methods to provide your child the best of both educational worlds.

By way of instilling the right mindset, we teach a series of simple exercises to help children develop various capabilities. These exercises include motor skills, hand-eye coordination, focus, orientation and balance.

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