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Casa Class

  • Covers English, Maths, Sciences, Practical Life, Sensorial, Development, Culture and Arts
  • Mixed age group class creates opportunities for peer inspiration and leadership
  • Lessons are based on mostly one-on-one presentations and occasional group time
  • Children’s progress based on observation of their independent work

Budding Bambini

  • Introduces more advanced vocabulary, and begins exposing toddlers to awareness of letter sounds
  • Introduces numbers with their respective quantities using tactile, sensorial materials
  • All chosen work sets a strong foundation for future academic work
  • Aimed to develop gross/fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory, language, logic/sequence, or a combination of these.

Private Montessori Tutoring

  • Personally catered one-on-one sessions with the Guide using Montessori materials and lessons to optimize productivity and efficiency.
  • Parents can also receive much more regular news and photos from the teacher about their child’s progress.

Intensive Montessori Maths

  • Express Maths foundational concepts to match the mainstream pace
  • Includes Early Maths (to establish strong fundamental concepts of quantity), and the 4 operations
  • Uses a variety of tactile, sensorial and sequential materials to illustrate each concept concretely.

Intensive Montessori English

  • 4 levels of courses beginning from raising sound awareness, phonics to basic grammatical functions
  • Uses highly tactile and manipulative materials that prepare your child to become a young, independent, reader and writer.

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