Touch2Learn Education Centre

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Our Family

The Touch2Learn Family

At Touch2learn, we have a homey, relaxed atmosphere that is meant to be an extension of the children’s home, where children experience warmness from our staff. Because they can regard this as part of their ‘home’ while they have the right of access to our learning materials, they can also play a part in maintaining the environment too, to learn the concept of taking responsibility.

Vanessa Lo

Co-Founder/ Director/Montessori Guide

As an AMI certified Montessori Directress, TESOL Certificate holder and having more than 10 years’ experience in local mainstream, international school classrooms and private tutoring, Vanessa’s passion is to make learning a joy for her students while aiding them to become confident, independent and respectful individuals.

Olivia Lau


As a CPA, CMA designated accounting professional and having more than 15 years’ experience in accounting, financial and operational excellence, Olivia’s focus is to ensure the Centre is operating at optimal capacity.

Louis Cheng

Centre Manager

She is very dedicated in ensuring the smooth operation of the Centre in all aspects other than teaching, and sometimes helps to supervise children. Louis adopts the Montessori approach to raise her own daughter.

Imraan Hussain

Lead Teacher

With a background in teaching young children, having great patience and having a gift in connecting deeply with children, Mr. Imraan is our teacher for our Casa classes. Trained by Ms Vanessa in the authentic ways of Montessori, he strives to foster an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience for his students.

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