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Fun Baby Playgroups in Hong Kong

Fun, Unique Baby Playgroup In Hong Kong

Teaching children the way to learn and cultivate a right learning attitude at an early age is just as important as teaching advanced levels of education. This is the crucial stage to build a solid foundation for children to flourish and to develop the very capabilities they need to deal with whatever challenges may arise later in life.

At our pre-nursery playgroup in Hong Kong, Touch2Learn offers baby playgroups as academic preparatory programmes to stimulate children’s brain development as well as personal growth. Through a series of simple exercises, we help children develop multiple abilities, including motor skills, responsible habits, hand-eye coordination, focus, balance and orientation.

More importantly, we hope to prepare them with the right mindset and attitude they need to overcome challenges and live a full life ahead.

Quality Pre-Nursery In Hong Kong

In addition to physical growth, we also emphasize on nurturing children’s intellectual virtues to sow the seeds from which a sense of responsibility, independence, self-assuredness and inner satisfaction may grow. Apart from providing the right environment for children to learn, we also focus on instilling the right learning attitude and confidence in them.

We help children to help themselves and guide them to learn how to learn, leading them to discover the fun in education through a combination of activities and play.

We offer baby playgroups and pre nursery classes in Hong Kong for children aged between 1 and 3 years. There are different options of timeslots to suit your timetable. Classes can be enrolled on a monthly basis to give parents more flexibility.

Baby playgroup and pre-nursery class

Budding Bambini

(2-3 Years Old)
  • Introduces more advanced vocabulary and exposes children to awareness of letter sounds and numbers
  • Develops both children’s gross and fine motor skills, memory, language, logic and sequence
  • Builds children’s sense of responsibility, consideration and manners
  • Is NOT adult-accompanied, to train child’s independence

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