Bored to tears?

In the last 8 months, HK has experienced 2 periods of time when schools had to be suspended, and hence, children had to stay home. This is a stressful situation for some families who have no extra help, whose parents both work and depend on the fact that their children would be taken care of at school for certain no. of hours. Suddenly, this is unavailable. Or, some have help but simply don’t know what to do with their children for so many hours on end when they cannot go out! Some adults are very fearful of the idea of their children should ever be bored.

My best friend; a clinical psychologist who worked with schools in Canada, who has 2 little girls, never allowed her daughters to complain of boredom. That is not to say that she went crazy trying to look for activities to fill their free time, to always keep them entertained. FAR from it. When they complained of boredom, she would remind them of all the books, art supplies, toys, etc. that they had. They could play ‘dress up’ with their accessories. They could role play from characters in their books, or play with toys in ways they had never done before. They could learn to prepare simple recipes. My point is, and I had mentioned this a few times occasionally in the past, it’s GREAT for children to have a CHANCE to get bored, for this is when their juices for CREATIVITY and RESOURCEFULNESS start to flow! My guess is that these juices rarely ever get to flow when children are in school, because their schedules are simply too tight.

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