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I actually love writing, and hence, despite my crazy schedule, I’m going to start this blog, as an additional way of communicating with everyone here who is reading this. I want to thank you for taking the time to do so. I will sometimes share my sentiments, sometimes share some amusing things that happen in class, and sometimes some tips or discoveries I have made.
As adults, we tend to think of ourselves above the children, especially when they are little, we think, “What do they know?” But actually, children have a wealth of wisdom which we may have lost touch with, so sometimes it is very refreshing to spend time with them because the things they so innocently say can serve as reminders for us. Their simplicity and appreciation for things in their natural state, their point blank attitude when they notice something (which can sometimes be embarrassing.) I remember a long time ago, when my younger brother was still a toddler, we were standing behind this gentleman in a buffet line who suddenly passed wind. It could have been discreet, until my brother asked out loud, “Daddy, why do people fart?” Hahaha! Oops! But we gotta love the honesty there.
Working with young children, therefore, is a privilege, because we have access to these incidences often, and it really keeps us young at heart. So once in awhile, we should remind ourselves to look around us, especially in very familiar environments where we stop noticing things anymore, in the eyes of a young child. The wonderment and different perspective it can bring can bring a joyful feeling!

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