Touch2Learn Education Centre

Touch. Explore. Understand. Motivate.

Touch2Learn is a renowned Montessori pre-school in Hong Kong. We are the early learning centre where Montessori education meets traditional education for the best outcome.

Our Mission

Here at Touch2Learn Early Learning Centre, our mission is to equip your child with the very skills and mindset they need to succeed in the future.

We enhance your child’s abilities, whereby they will gradually develop the independence needed when problem-solving. We also teach them how to leverage their own abilities to better perform at a very young age, because we believe it starts now!

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Is your child too dependent, seemingly delayed in speech or lacking confidence?

Or scared to fail, lacking focus or failing to develop adequate language skills?

Maybe even having a hard time grasping basic mathematical concepts?

Well, these are all typical reasons why parents come to us for results. And this is where we excel!

“Growth comes from activity, not from intellectual understanding.”

Maria Montessori

At Touch2learn preschool, we use the proven Montessori educational methods to rapidly guide your child to become more independent and confident while developing essential self-initiative.

We have a successful track record as a Montessori pre school in Hong Kong. We teach our pupils to maintain focus and to develop perseverance, whereby we show them how to express themselves clearly. We also teach them spelling and reading, the foundational impression of sounds, basic mathematics concepts and much more.

For our 3 to 6-year-olds, we teach all of the phonetic sounds, as well as at least 30 of the phonograms and sight words, to enable them to read with independence.

When their reading is adequate for them to do work in other areas, they continue to practise their reading skills through the learning materials of these other subjects.


3 – 6 Years Old

To better prepare your child to successfully manage academic environments and learning


2-3 years old

Budding Bambini classes introduce phonics and numbers in a gradual and laid back way in preparation for formal learning later.

What Parents Say About Us

Andrew James’ Mommy

Ms Kay is very loving and patient. She is always encouraging, I can see my child growing more confident and wanting to do things by himself. He is always happy to come to Touch2Learn.

Joshua's Mommy

Within 12 months Touch2Learn has transformed my 6-year-old son from not being interested in sitting down to learn even basic phonics to happily wanting to read and write many things. It is Touch2Learn that helps bring out the best in my child the way I wouldn’t have imagined.

Ethan's Mommy

泓叡一歲半開始參加touch2learn學前班課程,每一堂課他都很開心,我也觀察到泓叡越來越獨立也更有自信心,現在19個月的他已經能獨立自主的上課,不需要家長的陪同也不會哭鬧,我們很高興看到泓叡在中心學習的語言、社交和適應能力有很大的進步。 我們喜歡Touch2learn不只是因為它提供一個舒適和大幅提升孩子學習興趣的環境,讓我的孩子在學習中得到很多利益,還有Vanessa老師和李老師非常細心和關注的教導更激勵了泓叡的學習。 再次謝謝老師們努力的教導、和泓叡玩,讓他倍感關愛。

Antonia's Mommy

Antonia has been attending Touch2learn for a year and she truly enjoys her weekly class at Touch2learn. The programme is well structured and offers a stimulating and confidence promoting environment to the kids. I am pleased that the right skills and values are being taught by experienced tutors, such as motor skills and the principle of discipline.

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